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ESG stands for the Environmental, Societal, and Governance practices adopted by businesses to outline their operations, business model and sustainability performance.

At INC Group, we evaluate our business through the lens of ESG to ensure we are conscious of, and work towards, the needs of all stakeholders. We strongly believe in the principle of accountability for our actions and continually commit to being a force for good.

Incorporating ESG initiatives into the way we manage our company is integral to our beliefs and goals in transforming the societies we serve into better places. We aim to live up to these beliefs by being responsible corporate citizens with a strict governance framework, reducing our environmental footprint and making a positive impact on the local, regional, and global communities we work and live in.

In line with our values, we recognise the crucial role that reporting plays in achieving our goals. For this reason, to promote trust and commitment, we incorporated strong ESG criteria into our approach to ensure that we operate responsibly and sustainably.

INC Group Principles and Commitments
  • Respect for internationally proclaimed human rights principles.
  • Equal opportunities, independent of gender, race, religion, age, or ability level.
  • Strong governance practices.
  • Provide and promote working conditions that meet health and safety protocols.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Commitment to local, regional, and global philanthropy.
  • Transparency and integrity.


We are committed to minimising the negative and increasing the positive impacts of our business on the environment. Environmental factors including those related to climate change, biodiversity, waste, and water use, are all facets we consider in order to measure the impact of our business.

People and the planet are at the centre of our approach to sustainability. We take a detailed look into not only our own but also our client’s environmental, social, geographical, cultural, and financial factors within every stage of the project.

We recognise opportunities that combine brand enhancement with sustainability, fostering increased asset value and bolstering staff retention and attraction. At INC Group, sustainable office design and fit-out services are ingrained as the standard, and we always offer comprehensive support to ensure their seamless integration into our client’s project.

Prioritising positive well-being and cultivating a thriving organisational culture rightly takes precedence in many businesses, and it consistently serves as our foundational starting point. Whether through our in-house practices to support our teams with a range of well-being initiatives or during project work, sustainability remains at the core of our approach. This always includes examining operations, climate change, resource efficiency, indoor environment, waste management, consumables and building materials. We tailor our sustainable office design and fit-out service to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether it involves conducting a comprehensive sustainability audit and assessment or providing a one-off consultation on fit-out materials.

Our teams guide our clients to make informed decisions for the future of our planet through the following practices and services.

  • Providing expert insights and recommendations.
  • Energy Performance Assessments.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Carbon reduction.

Design for the Environment

As standard practice, we prioritise the integration of energy-efficient technologies to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to climate action. Through the use of these technologies, we aim to preserve scarce water resources and enable water stewardship. This not only aligns with circular economy practices, emphasising materials that are resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, durable, and recyclable but also contributes to a significant reduction in our client’s carbon footprint impact within their built environment.

The group continually looks to invest in research and development (R&D) for innovative and sustainable solutions in the interior design and fit-out industry to maintain our position as a sustainability leader.



INC Group is an equal-opportunity employer. We welcome diversity and consider it essential to our success. Alongside professional integrity, the core ethos of our company is collaboration, and the firm empowers employees to work together to achieve collective success. The diversity of our workforce is a testament to our approach to inclusion. Across our global offices, we employ people from more than 25 different nationalities, bringing cultural diversity and a multitude of viewpoints to the workplace. We believe in diversity at all ranks within the organisation and are proud that our Board of Directors has a female-to-male representation that exceeds international standards.

Our impact on wider society and workplace culture is a key consideration. Social factors affect all internal and external stakeholders that we interact with such as staff, clients, visitors, landlords, supply chain and the wider communities. We monitor and act upon the highest standards of human rights, labour standards in the supply chain and industry-leading health and safety protocols.

We have a strong focus on regularly improving our employees’ health, safety and wellbeing practices to foster an inclusive, safe and healthy workplace.

Supporting local, regional and global communities is achieved by collaborating with local suppliers to enable local job creation and skill development.

The continual undertaking of initiatives that enhance the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

We continue to engage in several outreach programs at all levels to raise awareness about our sustainability and environmental stewardship. We actively promote community engagement among our employees, encouraging their participation in supporting INC Group-selected charities and internal initiatives, through monetary and dedicated volunteer time. Additionally, the Group matches charitable donations made by employees.

Since the foundation of the company, employees have supported charities ranging from a focus on child education, healthcare & hunger, homelessness, diseases and other important causes relating to animal welfare and education.



Governance relates to our processes of decision-making, reporting and business administration alongside our commitment to transparency and ethical behaviour. It provides a clear framework for the oversight and implementation of our ESG initiatives. We aim to strike a balance between all stakeholders in order to support a long-term, sustainable business strategy.

Ethical Practices

INC Group commits to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our business operations, whilst ensuring fair labour management practices in our operations and supply chains. Furthermore, we proactively champion diversity and inclusion in our projects and product selection, giving preference to suppliers who align with our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously develop and update our policies and procedures, aligning them with evolving best practices and global standards. Simultaneously, we engage in ongoing monitoring, reporting and annual improvements to uphold our sustainability commitments and performances. The integration of all stakeholder interests in our review process is essential and is systematically carried out on a routine basis.

Message from the Group CEO – Sean Nicholson.

“From our inception, INC Group has been governed by key investment and management principles that have a positive impact on our people and the planet. Our ongoing ESG commitments underscore our belief in our ability to contribute to making the world a better place and safeguarding the common good. As we are accountable for our actions in the long run, I am delighted to announce the establishment of ESG COMMIT within INC Group. ESG COMMIT will implement, oversee, deliver, and report our social and environmental goals across our operations in the Middle East and Africa, ultimately increasing our triple bottom line. This expanded form of governance and commitment will ensure INC Group continues to be a force for good. “

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