Commercial Interior Design Power 50: Top 15 fit-out firms of 2022

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Commercial Interior Design Power 50: Top 15 fit-out firms of 2022

Commercial Interior Design, Dec 8 2022

Sean Nicholson has been co-owner of the business for the past 8 years, leading its growth within the UAE as well as in new markets like Saudi Arabia in 2019 and South Africa in 2021. Throughout the years, together with the support of his team, Sean has led the Group on a path to solidify INC’s position as a result-driven firm that consistently offers definitive high-end solutions for its clients while rapidly adapting to changes in demand, techniques and technology.

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INC Group explains how its comprehensive firm is utilising opportunities in KSA

Commercial Interior Design, July 17 2022

Massive opportunities for commercial interior design and fit-out are to be found in Saudi Arabia. We continue our series – Movers & Shakers by talking to key players from the region who have recently tapped into the competitive market of KSA to hear what opportunities and challenges are present. INC Group is one of the firms utilising the opportunity to expand its services in the region.

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Fit-Out Powerlist 2022 – INC GROUP, Ranks 7th

ACE Times, JUNE 01, 2022

INC Group has been active in the UAE since 2008, with foundations firm-ly rooted in the ethos of structure, transparency, and confidence, allowing them to provide full turnkey interior solutions.

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UAE-Based Design and Fit-Out Company Launches INC Group to Consolidate International Units


“The establishment of the holding company INC Group echoes our growth so far and strengthens our commitment of service towards our clients by streamlining our business and expanding our reach. We are excited to enter this next phase of our strategic growth and have great confidence that INC Group will achieve exponential success across all markets.”

— Sean Nicholson, CEO of INC Group

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