23 female managers and leaders talk about their journeys, challenges and successes

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23 female managers and leaders talk about their journeys, challenges and successes

Commercial Interior Design, May 3 2023

Claire Spring
General manager at INC Group

Being in the construction industry from a young age, I came across many challenges before getting to where I am today. One of the biggest challenges I faced, is the gender stereotype that comes with working in the sector. Historically, this industry was dominated by men, which naturally led to scepticism and doubt when it came to women’s abilities and skills in the field. Throughout my career, I have never allowed such challenges to get in my way. Instead, I used it as motivation for my personal growth to eventually build an exceptional team in the industry.

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In the Studio with Annabelle Cleary: Collaboration, focus pods and handing over projects

Commercial Interior Design, Jan 18 2023

Annabelle enjoys the unique challenges that come with interior design as an art form. Not only does the design need to be sound from an aesthetic and functional perspective, but the designer must effectively communicate this with an end user well before the finished product is produced. With 7 years of experience, Annabelle is now leading the design for a 30,000 sq ft gym, and her impressive portfolio includes workplace, F&B, Hospitality, retail, and exhibition spaces. Utilizing her experience working with branding agencies, Annabelle is guided by the principle of storytelling through design.

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She’s Got it! – Interview with Claire Spring

Design Middle East, Dec 8 2022

Claire Spring, general manager of INC Solutions UAE, has explored various industries, from MEP to construction to fit-out, as she shares her journey as well as INC’s vision and future plans.

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Commercial Interior Design Power 50: Top 15 fit-out firms of 2022

Commercial Interior Design, Dec 8 2022

Sean Nicholson has been co-owner of the business for the past 8 years, leading its growth within the UAE as well as in new markets like Saudi Arabia in 2019 and South Africa in 2021. Throughout the years, together with the support of his team, Sean has led the Group on a path to solidify INC’s position as a result-driven firm that consistently offers definitive high-end solutions for its clients while rapidly adapting to changes in demand, techniques and technology.

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INC Group explains how its comprehensive firm is utilising opportunities in KSA

Commercial Interior Design, July 17 2022

Massive opportunities for commercial interior design and fit-out are to be found in Saudi Arabia. We continue our series – Movers & Shakers by talking to key players from the region who have recently tapped into the competitive market of KSA to hear what opportunities and challenges are present. INC Group is one of the firms utilising the opportunity to expand its services in the region.

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