Office Design

INC Group offers comprehensive office interior design and fit out solutions to clients across the Middle East and Africa, thanks to local presences across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

We pride ourselves in the ability to turn any space into a creative, efficient and functional space that helps our clients, their workforce and their clients excel in what they do.

With a dedicated office interior design and interior fit out team, we work closely with our clients to design and build the perfect space for their needs. Our veteran designers and consultants precisely walk our clients through several potential options, helping them pick the best fit. The team that pitches the project is always the team that delivers.

Our experience spans working relationships with local and global brands, who entrusted INC Group to design and build world-class office interior solutions. Using the latest tools and technology, we design, create and recreate environments that personify our clients’ brands, enrich their companies’ cultures and drive performance in their organizations.
Every office interior design process begins with a discovery phase focused on understanding the client. This discovery phase is meant to aid our expert team of interior designers and fit out specialists in understanding what the best design outcome should be for the client. By analyzing our client’s brand identity, we can better understand their vision for the space, how they function as an organization, and the work environment they currently have or aim to transition into. By learning about these aspects, we can better chart out an expected course of progress and get a better idea of what the end product may be.

Our official design process begins only after we have developed a deep understanding of the client’s brand personality as well as work culture. Office design is a process that involves a lot of skill and a keen sense of aesthetic harmony. Once our project has been finalized, we can effectively curate a solution that addresses all aspects of office interior design, which includes the variety of materials to be used, potential layouts, lighting, and more.

After our designs have been finalized, we begin the process of implementation and with the approved blueprint of the space and the sourced materials in hand, our experienced interior fit out team goes to work on the space to create an office that is fit for the client. From idea to delivery, we hold the client’s hand through the process, ensuring they are constantly updated on how we transform their vision of an office space into reality.

Our services include a variety of options that can be customized to cater to our client’s needs effectively. Our services aim to provide our clients with a value addition that can boost their workplace morale and productivity significantly. Every option is an aspect that can elevate a client’s workplace design effectively:
- Building Option Appraisals
- Space Planning
- Test-Fits
- Concept Design
- 3D Visualization
- Detailed Design
- Local Authority & Landlord Approvals Packages
- MEP Design
- Construction Documentation


We believe that office design is a task that requires dedication and attention to every single detail. Our belief in this principle ensures that through our design process, we can ascertain our client’s needs more effectively, avoiding any bottlenecks that may arise and providing our solutions and deliverables in a timely manner. The office interior design process focuses solely on the client and their vision. Our relationship with our clients is a partnership that lets us involve our client’s opinions at every step of the process. By considering client opinions, we can deliver designs that surpass expectations of what their office space can look like.

INC Group has its foundations grounded firmly in the ethos of structure, transparency, and confidence. For us, providing certainty to our clients is of the highest importance, along with being the most trusted bespoke provider of high quality workplace design and fit out solutions.

A workspace is not complete until it has been fitted with furniture that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and accentuates the overall design. INC Group offers the procurement, installation and maintenance services for all your furniture requirements.