How To Incorporate Botanicals Into Your Space

How To Incorporate Botanicals Into Your Space

It doesn’t matter where and how your office is setup these days, it’s your second home. You are likely spending more than one-third of your active life there. So, you must enjoy being in it!

Office fit out has never been easy. People want everything from a workspace. They expect it to be private, personal, hospitable, and flexible. Moreover, the environment must be conducive to productivity.

Productivity is the cream of any workspace. There is no denying that a space’s surroundings have an immense influence on that. It is not determined by the location and structure of your office, but by the layout, and the overall vibe.

Space is an extremely powerful tool for fostering engagement, inspiring innovation, and driving productivity. It is why designers put a great emphasis on interior designing, furniture layout, etc, to make it collaborative and efficient.

Irrespective of the nature of the commercial interior, plants can make a workspace alive. When they are around the workspace, they give you cleaner air. Studies have also indicated that green botanicals have a lasting effect on humans. They tend to instill higher focus and creativity levels, while improving energy levels of people in the space as well. It is also known to help in reducing stress. All these contribute to increased productivity.

Here’s how you can proactively incorporate botanicals in your workspace:

1. Consider a color palette

You have hundreds of options to choose from when incorporating botanicals into your space. Start working with various palettes to find out which suits the space best and where to place it. Considering the color palette of the space is a great way to do that. You must decide if you want to have a tropical vibe with a lot of lush greens, or add a touch of green to the workspace.  It will help to create great harmony and the results will be more satisfying.

2. Bring succulents & terrariums in

The best way to improve a space is to include live botanicals. Succulents & terrariums are a wonderful choice for this. They require little water and are easy to grow. Have some succulents in an interesting container and grab a geometric terrarium. Place them in a corner space and you’ll immediately see a visual improvement to your workspace. You can also pick over-sized bouquets or low-maintenance indoor plants for bolder accents.

3. Use hanging plants

Hanging plants create a mesmerizing visual effect. A plethora of hanging planter options is available for that. You could choose anything from a ceramic pot to bohemian macramé hanging pots depending on your décor theme. Fill them with the Pothos, English Ivy, or Burro’s Tail. These will trail downwards and dangle loosely and create a beautiful visual effect.

4. Bring life with a living wall

Living walls make an eye-catching decorative statement in the commercial fit out interiors. Other than being a powerful visual, it provides cleaner air and also helps to dampen noises. The simplest form of this is to fixing flowering plants on a frame. Or, it could be a combination of panels of vertically growing plants with soil-free gardening. It will add a feel-good vibe to the workspace.

5. Use orchids

Green is not the only option when incorporating botanicals into your space.  Flowering plants can deliver all the benefits of greens plus the extra pop of color to set the space off. Blooming orchids are great for this purpose. Their shape and engaging colors can make the workspace brighter and lively.

6. You may fake it

Live plants need regular care. If you feel that you lack the tenacity and luck to be successful with live plants, you may opt for faux plants. Made from top-notch quality silk materials they resemble their live cousins, and no one can tell the difference without touching. These near-natural plants need no light and no maintenance. You can place them anywhere you like, embracing a green vibe.

7.  Go beyond the rule book

When it comes to decorating with botanicals, you could just choose to throw the rule book out. Look, there is nothing right or wrong in creativity and imagination. Different people will use the same place in different ways. Only thing is that the workspace should be engaging and inspiring. So, believe in individualism and follow your heart.

Ideal plants for workspaces

Now that you have some idea of how to include greens in the workspace, it is vital to know the plants that deliver the best results.

Maybe your office space has low light. You can think of using some of these:

  • Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata)
  • ZZ Plant, (Zamioculcas)
  • English Ivy, (Hedera Helix)
  • Staghorn Fern, (Platycerium),
  • Zebra Plant, (Haworthia Fasciata).

Have plenty of light, you could use some of these:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig, (Ficus Lyrata)
  • Birds of Paradise, (Strelitzia Reginae)
  • Rubber Plant, (Ficus Elastica)
  • Pony Tail Palm, (Beaucarnea Recurvata),
  • String of Pearls, (Senecio Rowleyanus)
  • Living Stone, (Lithops)