How to maximize a small office space

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The way an office is designed has a direct impact on the work environment and culture that presides in an office, and important factors like motivation and productivity are dependent on the layout and design of a workspace. When talking about office interior design, most articles focus on a standard sized office that may have multiple rooms for various purposes. However, if you have a smaller office, it might be difficult to adapt to these strategies while still maintaining a decent office setup. In this article, we offer practical and creative ways suggested by top interior fit-outs in Dubai. This will help you maximize your office space without compromising on the most important aspects of a good work environment.

1. Lighting

This is one of the easiest steps you can take to maximize your office space. Any office that has bad lighting is bound to feel cramped and stuffy. Letting in natural light wherever possible has shown positive effects in increasing employee motivation. Try placing desks in an area that makes the best use of sunshine while keeping the space bright and productive. When natural lighting is not possible, install bright lights and ambient lights like LEDs to elevate your office space. Avoid adding floor lamps since they may take up floor space, and instead opt for ceiling or desk lighting to maximize space while letting in as much light as possible.

2. Vertical organization

When planning your office space, don’t only consider the square footage you have available on your floor, make use of your walls too. Add in shelves that are attached to the wall for extra storage and keep your floors free from clutter. The more storage you can attach to your wall, the more floor space you have to do other activities. Even cable management can be done using wall space by investing in cable management boxes to keep the clutter away and out of sight.

3. Flexible spaces

Smaller offices often don’t have the space to accommodate multiple rooms to conduct various activities. However, this problem can be solved using space-saving convertible furniture. Interior designers in Dubai suggest investing in desks that have wheels for easy rearrangement and possibly invest in pod furniture as well for an easy fix, allowing employees a private soundproof area for one-on-one business meetings.

4. Open office layouts

Separate cubicles may have been the norm in the past, but modern workplaces have now evolved to integrate open layouts that can clear up the space considerably. Incorporating this type of layout leaves extra room for even more desks and tables that can be rearranged to make the most out of your space. This layout has also shown profitable benefits since it helps foster a productive and collaborative work environment that can increase employee morale and decrease work related stress. In this type of setup, you can also include movable dividers that can give your employees the needed flexibility for when they want to focus on work.

5. Decluttering

Decluttering is the easiest and most inexpensive way to open up and maximize your space. Clearing off desks, reorganizing cabinets, and investing in great storage solutions wherever needed can make your office look bigger while giving you actual room to do more. Minimalism is a trend that has dominated the interior design market for years, and for good reason too. The feeling of having more space while getting rid of unnecessary items can make a space look sleek and airy at the same time.

6. Materials

This is an aspect that is often overlooked, but it unexpectedly has a great impact on the overall look of a space. Skip out on carpets and rugs and use your normal flooring to keep the space looking as open as possible. Fabric flooring options make the room look much smaller than it actually is, which can make employees feel suffocated. Normal flooring or wood finishes can open up the space drastically and make the space feel airier. Additionally, when purchasing furniture, opt for lighter colors like white or wood tones to maintain a clean look, as dark colors tend to visually block off areas.

7. Technology

Technology is unexpectedly the best way to maximize space. Using paperless technology to minimize the number of files you need to physically store and conducting virtual meetings with clients where conference rooms are not available is a great way to minimize any space wastage.

When incorporating these space-saving methods, keep in mind that these solutions need to be tailored to your business’ and employee’s needs. Don’t let a smaller space limit you from making your workspace a great environment for employees. With the help of these tips as well as employee feedback, you can successfully transform a seemingly small and unworkable environment into one that feels larger and spacious, motivating employees to make the best of the space and raise their productivity levels.