Cultivating Sustainability at Work: Strategies for a Planet-Friendly Workplace

INC partnered with AESG to provide innovative, efficient, and effective carbon strategies that incorporate sustainable supply and demand reduction. As an environmentally conscious company, INC is constantly improving upon its impact on the planet.

AESG is a world leading global consultancy that follows a systematic approach to the development of carbon strategies. Facilitated by a skilled team of energy and services engineers, alongside their sustainable urban planning and carbon assessment team, to provide a cohesive and effective carbon strategy encompassing both sustainable supply as well as demand reduction.

Carbon management planning requires a whole life carbon approach throughout the brief and development stage of a project. Therefore, INC began with an analysis of its existing internal infrastructure and environmental/climatic conditions to gain a better understanding of how it was performing and to ensure the most efficient and resilient strategy is developed to meet the project needs.

Whilst INC is proficient in providing LEED certified solutions for its clients and has attained several Green certifications across the regions it serves, they continue to lead the industry by constantly challenging their staff and supply chain. By taking a greater responsibility for their outward influence through the material selection phase, and waste management, as well as transportation, and site procedures, INC continues to embrace and adopt innovative and smart solutions to achieve its sustainable goals.

Please visit this page for regular updates on INC’s regional progress and new initiatives across the UAE, KSA and Africa.