10 Office Design Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

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Here’s a fact: office interior design plays a major role in an employee’s productivity levels, which directly influences the business’ productivity. An inefficient layout can lead to a sluggish vibe, decreased mental focus, and an abysmal productive flow. All these negative inhibitors, however, can be controlled by rejuvenating the office space to stimulate higher levels of productivity and create the right atmosphere to motivate employees and keep them efficient and focused. In this article, we explore 10 different tips you can use to make your office space a productive one.

1. Declutter the space

They say that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, and that holds true in office spaces as well. Overly crowded areas with unnecessary items can distract employees and reduce overall focus levels. As an initiative, office interior design in Dubai focuses on creating effective storage solutions to help avoid unnecessary clutter like cable management or storage for digital devices. This can make the space look a lot cleaner, all while inspiring a sense of productivity in employees when they start their workday.

2. It’s all about lighting

Almost no one can work for an extended period under drab lighting. It is a crucial element that can greatly influence a person’s mood. Bad lighting can make employees experience eye strains, headaches, drowsiness, and irritability, all while looking stale and uninviting. To avoid this, try to incorporate natural lighting wherever possible, or use natural toned light bulbs to give a more comfortable feel. Using multiple lamps of different styles across the office can separate areas well while creating a bright and inviting environment.

3. Ergonomic setup

Studies show that sitting in the same position for hours can lead to a variety of medical conditions that can negatively impact both quality of life and work. In a bid to combat these effects of a 9-5, ergonomic setups have been introduced to help improve work environments while looking out for the welfare of employees. Investing in adjustable standing desks or ergonomically designed chairs and working equipment like PC mice can help maintain the best levels of productivity and keep employees satisfied with their setups.

4. Wall paint options

The wall colors of your office space have a subconscious psychological effect on employee emotion and behavior. An all-white office can look uninspiring, feel mechanical and uncomfortable. Too much of any one color can be overwhelming , so try to incorporate color combinations that create more for the eye to see, maintaining visual interest. Additionally, if your business has a set color palette, incorporating color combinations revolving around those can establish your brand’s presence to your employees.

5. Noise-cancelling furniture and accessories

Noise can often be the biggest inhibitor to office-based productivity. It can be extremely distracting and can raise stress levels, leading to a not so ideal work environment. The interior fit-outs in Dubai propagates installing furniture and accessories that can absorb the surrounding sound. It is a great way to maintain an office aesthetic while reducing unnecessary distractions.

6. Create space for movement

A cramped environment can make the space feel trapped and enclosed, giving a claustrophobic feel to the area. For an efficient work environment, create a workspace that does not confine employees to one area. Incorporating open space layouts can also make the area airier while giving the employees a lot more freedom to communicate and collaborate.

7. Botanical Touch

Plants are well known for their ability to mitigate sickness and reduce stress and noise levels. They are also great air purifiers. Placing botanicals across the office can bring about a brighter and more relaxed environment that can directly affect employee productivity levels positively.

8. Create designated offices zones

Incorporating different work zones like lobbies, break out rooms, conference rooms, or lounge areas creates a division of space that can lead to a more modern and fun environment while encouraging creative thoughts away from the computer.

9. Keep it comfortable

A productive office space is one where employees feel comfortable and at ease while working in it. Adding elements that can maintain a level of ease like rugs or comfortable chairs can increase employee happiness and boost productivity levels to the next level.

10. Timeless Decor

A plain office space can end up looking boring and uninspiring, creating an unproductive environment for your employees. It’s the small things that can rejuvenate a space to look livelier and full of creativity. Investing in art pieces and other decor items can create a more personalized feel to the office space, creating the perfect environment for efficiency.

By Interior Fit Out Design company