INC Group Is Set to Launch its Wellness Committee

INC Group are actively fine-tuning their much-anticipated new Wellness program which will be overseen by a community comprising 18 individuals from INC Group, collectively representing all levels of the company. Among the community, we have volunteer members from the INC UAE, KSA, and Africa divisions.

The committee, which was requested by INC Group employees, is tasked with developing a strategy around health and happiness, initiating supportive monthly programs that will be integrated into the organization at the beginning of 2024.

Topics will include but are not limited to physical, mental, and financial well-being in line with our commitment to strengthen our social standards within ESG.

“The Greatest Wealth, Is Health” – Virgil

Devoting time to a workplace wellness program is believed to yield numerous benefits. These include:

  1. Enhancing employee health, thus reducing medical costs
  2. Boosting productivity within the workplace
  3. Lowering absenteeism and employee turnover
  4. Improving employee morale

MENTAL – Being Heard

It is important to INC Group that the new committee represents the diversity within the company. 28% of the committee is made up of male employees, 22% represent the KSA team, and 11% represent the team in Africa.

Rather than giving the responsibility to one individual, typically falling on HR, having a committee that represents all cultures and backgrounds will allow INC Group to open the conversation to many more employees, while also seeing new perspectives.

A past example of how INC Group has helped employees feel valued and recognized was the design of our new hub based in Dubai Hills Business Park. The trust and responsibility were given to our very own Annabelle Cleary and Daniell Fay Maritz, with the space receiving endless compliments since. You can read more about the space here: https://www.inc-solutions.com/press-releases/

PHYSICAL – INC Group Step Challenge

High-intensity exercise and the dreaded word ‘marathon’ often overshadow the physical aspect within workplace wellness committees. Often forgotten are the significant benefits of ergonomic workstations, healthy snacks around the office, and organizing health screenings, which all fall under this category.

A great example of a physical community event within INC Group was the Dubai Fitness Challenge. As part of the emirate’s city-wide initiative, encouraging 30 mins of exercise for 30 days, INC Group created an internal step challenge where 44 employees participated this year. Altogether, the team has achieved over 8.5 million steps. The marketing team developed an app that offered a live leaderboard throughout the month which increased not only individual motivation but camaraderie around the office.

FINANCIAL – Guidance

As inflation increases heightened financial concerns emerge, making it highly likely that employees would welcome a financial wellness program. The INC Group wellness committee plans to arrange guest lectures to help educate employees on financial planning, budgeting, and savings management. Financial stability can also have a positive knock-on effect and improve employees’ general well-being and mental health by reducing their stress levels.

In summary, the vision for the INC Group wellness committee is to promote greater health awareness by providing information, resources, activities, and services designed to support a healthy lifestyle while instilling a sense of ownership in employees. Throughout the initiative, there will be three core themes that will be highlighted: physical, psychological, and financial.

“The importance of having employees come together to form a wellness committee rather than falling on one person’s shoulders reaps benefits. Perhaps most importantly is that it broadens the capabilities of the group, with new ideas, minds, and different values coming together, I have high hopes that this will build on the strength of the INC Group bond.”

–   Bronwyn Thompson Group HR and Office Manager

The first meeting will take place in January 2024 with evaluations and restructuring taking place bi-annually.