INC Group June 2024 Industry Event Highlights

In this month’s insight piece, we reflect on what has been a busy June where board members have proudly represented INC Group at various international exhibitions and conference talks. From Dubai to Johannesburg, the expert panel discussions delved into topics ranging from circular design and the importance of sustainable products to workspace adaptability and employee wellbeing. Darren Taylor, Group Head of Accounts and Strategy at INC Group served as the primary representative at these events, sharing his extensive experience and expertise as a market leader in the Design and Build industry. With over 20 years of experience spanning London and the Middle East, Darren has contributed to projects worldwide, bringing invaluable insight to these events.

INDEX 2024 

Workspace Exhibition

For over three decades, INDEX has been bringing together the Design and Fit-Out community. Within their portfolio, the Workspace Exhibition, now in its 22nd edition, stands as the Middle East’s premier event for workplace technologies and corporate wellness solutions. It offers unparalleled access to the region’s most influential buyers, including interior designers, architects, and retailers. The 3-day exhibition took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Sustainability Office of the Year – AstraZeneca – INC UAE

Workspace introduced Awards at their 2024 event for the first time, where INC UAE was shortlisted for four separate awards across different projects. We are thrilled to announce that our team was awarded the Best Sustainability Office Project of the Year by esteemed judges for the design and build of the AstraZeneca office in Dubai. The project has recently attained its official LEED Platinum certification, solidifying its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Inspired by the client’s vision of an oasis in the desert, a space filled with daylight and greenery, the team at INC UAE seized the opportunity to pioneer a groundbreaking design within the life-sciences sector.

Embracing Circular Design & Build

On the exhibition’s first day, Darren Taylor was invited to join the panel titled ‘Rethinking Workspaces: Embracing Circular Design and Build for Sustainable and Productive Environments’. Circular design entails a creative approach focused on designing products, systems, and processes that minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. It aligns with the broader concept of a circular economy, which aims to establish a closed-loop system where resources are conserved, reused, and recycled, rather than discarded as waste.

At INC Group, we firmly believe that sustainability in the workplace is not just an option but a fundamental necessity. It’s about fostering an environment where employees thrive, businesses prosper, and the planet benefits. We uphold this commitment through our ESG-Commit policy.

Key takeaways:

  • Increasing demand for companies to govern their carbon footprint
  • Upcycling does not necessarily result in reduced costs
  • The UAE waste management program has a long way to go when considering landfill

Circular design stimulates innovation by prompting designers to reimagine traditional linear models, inspiring the creation of products and services that contribute to a sustainable and regenerative economy.

Designing for Innovation and Adaptability

On day two of the exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the crowd grew even more. This time, Darren Taylor took the stage to share his insights on Agile Workspaces for Agile Teams: Designing for Innovation and Adaptability.

Innovation and agility underscore the crucial role of creativity and adaptability in navigating rapidly evolving market conditions and technological advancements. This trend highlights the need for organizations to cultivate environments that nurture innovation and embrace agile work practices. By adapting to changing demands and fostering a culture of continuous learning, organizations can thrive in dynamic landscapes. This panel discussion explored strategies for designing workspaces that promote innovation and agility, including flexible layouts and collaborative areas.

Key takeaways:

  • Adopting agile work practices to respond quickly to evolving needs

The dates for Workspace 2025 have already been announced, marking the start of another excellent opportunity to network, source products from 400+ local and international brands and gain insights from over 30 industry leaders. INC Group is eagerly looking forward to another successful exhibition, where we will be sharing our expertise and wealth of combined experience.

CoreNet Global Sub-Saharan Africa Networking Group

Along with the CoreNet Sub-Saharan Networking Group and Standard Bank, INC Group hosted an in-person panel based on ‘Technology in the Workplace’. The panel featured some of the most prominent experts from the world of Real Estate, Software and Banking in the country.

Darren Taylor moderated the established panel which addressed various topics relating to the future of office spaces in front of a large crowd at the prestigious Standard Bank Head Office in Johannesburg.

It was a highly successful and engaging session characterized by profound discussions, expert analysis, and active involvement from the attendees.

We look forward to supporting CoreNet’s Sub-Saharan Networking Group in their future endeavours to elevate the profile of South Africa’s real estate market and expertise.