Supporting Women in the Workplace Through Inclusive Design

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As the years have passed, the trends relating to office design have changed dramatically. The mundane and boorish office space has stopped being the norm for offices across the world. Instead, design that brings in inclusive design and encourages a diverse workforce has become today’s new normal. In this article we explore how companies can create a culture and environment that supports women using inclusive design.

The first aspect we will need to ascertain is why do we need to create inclusive workplaces. In today’s corporate culture, hiring individuals from drastically different backgrounds has become a common occurrence, creating diversity in race, gender, and opinions in all levels of the organization. This varied portfolio of team members has made it increasingly important to create spaces that can cater to the needs of these groups and make everyone feel comfortable and productive in these spaces.

The following are some of the best ways you can bring a supportive and inclusive design targeted towards women:

  1. Women are more likely to prefer higher temperatures than men, with most preferring temperatures that are three degrees higher than the average preference for men
  2. Creating spaces and providing facilities that cater solely to women are also in demand and are effective in creating a comfort zone for employees
  3. Strong security is an absolute must to ensure that women feel safe in their workplace
  4. Flooring options that dull or mute out the sound of heels walking across the floor
  5. Creating separate rooms for breastfeeding, as well as incorporating a wellness room for those who are experiencing pain due to cramps

One of the best methods to find ways to incorporate interior design elements that support women in the workplace would be by asking them directly. No one knows your offices better than your employees do. Getting the opinions of those who will directly feel the effects of the design is important since it prevents subconscious biases and keeps any outdated mindsets in check.

To ensure that you are properly listening and catering to the groups within your workplace, interior designers in Dubai prompts to understand and acknowledge the following points:

1. Create a truly diverse workplace

Simply hiring individuals as ‘diversity hires’, and not hired for their skills but to fill a quota, is an insincere and forceful way of incorporating those from different backgrounds into the business.

2. Recognize and change your bias

The first step to creating a truly inclusive workplace is by recognizing the inherent bias that exists throughout the organization. Office fit-outs in Dubai acknowledges the subconscious bias within the organization and addresses them. This will benefit the company greatly by becoming a place that can truly be inclusive.

Inclusive design should not be treated as a mere afterthought, but rather as a fixed and planned aspect to interior design. The design that is incorporated should serve to unite employees and make everybody feel included. Every aspect, whether big or small must be taken into consideration when it comes to creating a truly accommodating workspace.

Interior designers like INC Group understand client needs and expectations and deliver amazing spaces that are inclusive to all groups of individuals, creating a functional and prosperous workspace. The holistic approach that interior designers take creates office spaces that inspire and motivate individuals to do and be better.