The Benefits of Resimercial Office Designs

For most individuals, the pandemic drastically transformed the way they work, in every aspect. From closely placed desks and harsh lights, people suddenly shifted to working from the comfort of their own homes. Studies that were conducted during this time showcased an outstanding increase in productivity, which was a result most considered unexpected due to the preconceived notion that comfort can often lead to stagnancy and unproductivity. As offices transitioned back into office setups, they stumbled across a bottleneck that came from this period of work-from-home policies, and that was, a significant decrease in motivation as compared to the period during and prior to the pandemic. Employees now felt overstimulated and uncomfortable in their office setups, and their overall satisfaction dropped. This was when the resimercial office setup was created. Office setups transitioned from being a place where employees should work in to a place where they can feel comfortable and satisfied. The term resimercial comes from the combination of the two terms residential and commercial, and incorporates residential-inspired themes, layouts, and furniture in office spaces to effectively keep employees motivated throughout the day. In this article, we explore the various benefits offices receive from incorporating resimercial designs within the space.

Today’s employees want more than a desk and chair from their office space. They expect flexibility, not only during work hours but within the interior design of their environment as well. Resimercial spaces are able to create room for comfort and help support employees with their overall wellness and productivity. The following benefits are the results of the overall cohesiveness and positive impact that resimercial designs have brought to offices post-pandemic.

1. Employee well-being

This is by far the most important benefit of introducing this type of design into offices. Supporting employee well-being has become increasingly important for businesses that aim to reduce labour turnovers and maintain loyalty. Resimercial designs help employees by creating a support system through their inclusive design that makes individuals want to stay in and work comfortably, without stress. With comfort at the forefront of this design, it enables employees to feel uplifted and highly motivated, resulting in an increased output.

2. Effective Zoning

Zoning in resimercial spaces is considered to be the perfect middle ground between a cubicle and an open space layout. Both extremes have proven to be counterproductive, with cubicles making employees feel disconnected and claustrophobic and open spaces providing no privacy or place to focus. Resimercial designs instead use the positive aspects of both layouts to create a interior fit out Dubai that is free-flowing yet grants privacy when needed. It does this by creating delicate boundaries between spaces. By using furniture, decor, and color schemes, it effectively differentiates spaces and creates a unique layout that caters to both communal spaces and quiet ones which can boost productivity easily.

3. Employee Retention

Resimercial designs incorporate elements related to colors, lighting, and furniture to help create familiarity and comfort within an office interior design. Comfort is one of the main factors that has a direct correlation to employee productivity and stress levels. The push for comfort is what encourages employees to stay in the company and helps maintain their loyalty and satisfaction.

With ‘hustle’ culture prevalent in today’s work environment, creating a space that allows employees to enjoy a homelike feel helps them cope better with the increased demand for productivity expected. A competitive salary is now the bare minimum when it comes to keeping employees satisfied, and the shift towards employee wellness has grown to be the most important aspect of a business. Incorporating natural light or soft lighting, furniture that prioritizes comfort, plants, as well as calming color schemes can help employees feel like an office space is a home away from home.