Top 10 Color Trends for Offices

The color palette of an office may seem simple to choose from at first, but it is an aspect that has a profound effect on the overall environment and productivity levels of the space. No matter the type of style the office aims to achieve, colors serve as a primary way to set the overall tone of the space. In this article, we explore some of the best color trends for offices, enabling them to become a place that motivates productivity and joy.

1. Blue

Blue-toned colors are generally known to have a calming effect that stimulates the mind and helps create an environment that is more productive. Offices that are number heavy and require higher amounts of concentration usually go for this type of color scheme.

2. Off-white

White offices have become notorious for being too clinical and suffocating, so most interior fit out designs have shifted from a pristine white color palette to an overall off-white design. It keeps the advantages of a white color palette with its sleek appearance and endless combinations with furniture and decor. Moreover, it maintains the overall warmth of the space, successfully preventing employees from feeling uneasy.

3. Monochrome

Monochromatic color palettes have recently begun taking office spaces by storm due to their cohesive look that is elegant yet casual. This color trend involves the practice of interior designing Dubai a space using variations of a single color. It takes one color as the main theme and layers the space with gradient hues within the same color family. Popular monochromatic themes include shades of blue, gray, black, and more.

4. Neutrals

Neutral color palettes are known for their timeless and versatile nature. Neutrals have the ability to create a serious atmosphere that is calm and peaceful in its presentation. Shades like gray, beige, and light brown tones come under this category.

5. Pastels

Pastel color palettes are a favorite for many office fit out spaces due to their bright nature. Unlike colors on the primary spectrum, pastels are colorful but not harsh on the eye, which makes them perfect for spaces that want to increase the liveliness and creativity of those working in it. Pastel pink, blue, yellow, and purple are by far the most popular colors to choose from under this category.

6. Color contrasts

Colors that come under this category usually consist of primary colors paired with a slightly toned-down version of a different color. This color trend has proven to have a positive effect on how it appears in an office space due to the fact that the overall harshness of a bright primary color is toned down with its more muted pair. Color combinations that fall under this category include red and pink, yellow and green, blue and muted orange, and more.

7. Highlight colors

For offices that want to introduce bold colors without making it overwhelming to the eye, this trend is considered to be a simple color palette to follow. A single wall is painted a bright, primary color, and is surrounded with a neutral or off-white color on the other walls. It is effective in accelerating concentration and productivity while maintaining a clean look.

8. Industrial styles

The industrial aesthetic often includes stripped-down walls, textures, and rust-colored elements. For offices that don’t have an exposed wall or notable textures, this color theme works as a great replacement. This trend works best with terracotta red, shades of gray, and a touch of black.

9. All wood themes

2022 saw a rise in offices using various tones of wood and neutrals to create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages employees to be productive while maintaining stress levels to a minimum. These tones add an earthy, timeless hue that embraces versatility within its muted color palette.

10. Biophilic tones

As biophilic offices have risen in popularity, so have their color schemes. Green and brown tones that complement each other have the ability to cohesively tie a place together while leaving wiggle room for added pops of color.

With the variety colors have to offer, determining a few guidelines is the best way to start before looking at popular color options. The overall purpose of the space, the size of the space, the amount of natural light that comes in, and the furniture and placement of decor are all factors to consider when selecting the color theme of an office. Once these factors are determined, selecting a space with the right color palette is a breeze.