January 2024 – New Year New Height: INC Group Announces Internal Growth

At INC Group, we began the year with a series of initiatives, the foremost being internal growth in topline management. The recent promotions within the senior-level board signify a strategic effort to bolster the Group’s position in the Interior Design and Build industry. As of January 1st, INC Group implemented these changes across all three markets we operate in, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Africa.

In addition to promotions, the Group is also introducing employee experience platforms (EXP) into this year’s HR strategies. These platforms aim to streamline communication and enhance engagement, empowering employees to be heard and fostering inclusivity irrespective of their department or position level.

Below is a quick overview of the recent changes in management roles: 

INC Group

Bronwyn Thomson Chief Human Capital Officer

With nearly a decade of dedicated service, Bronwyn has been instrumental in enhancing the functions of  Human Resource and Office Management. The unanimous decision to appoint her as Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) at INC Group reflects her unwavering loyalty and consistent delivery of innovative workplace initiatives that have positively impacted the entire organisation.


Moving to the UAE business unit, the new regional office, and Group hub, is approaching its 1st anniversary in a larger and more efficient space, a testament to the company’s rapid growth within the country. As part of this development, three promotions have been announced.

Claire Spring Managing Director

With an impressive tenure of nearly eight years at INC UAE, Claire Spring has been a pivotal figure, making notable contributions to the UAE business, particularly during her four years as General Manager. Demonstrating an unwavering dedication and exceptional management acumen, Claire is poised to continue guiding the UAE team with utmost dignity and grace in her new role as Managing Director.

Aleo Florendo CAD Manager

Aleo, now serving as the CAD Manager, plays an integral role in the ongoing journey of INC UAE. Aleo holds the distinction of being the first team member selected by Group Chairman, Andrew Charles Barkman and Group CEO Sean Nicholson when the organisation was established in this region back in 2014. His contributions to various projects including Fortinet, Consulum, and FitnGlam to name a few, have been invaluable to the success of the company in the UAE.

Damian Goodwin General Manager (Operations)

During his seven-year tenure with INC UAE, Damien has been instrumental in advancing every facet of project delivery within the region. His dedication and commitment to the role have been evident, from building one of the strongest delivery teams in the region to leading and guiding them to great achievements. In this new role, Damien will retain oversight of Operations while expanding his responsibilities to include the management of both the INC Design and Furniture Departments in the UAE. 

The Operations Manager position is now available for early application to existing INC UAE employees, offering them the chance to apply and seize the opportunity for career advancement within the company.


Ciaran Crowley Managing Director

Effective immediately, Ciaran Crowley has been appointed as the Managing Director for the Saudi division. Ciaran’s promotion stands as a testament to his outstanding performance and consistent efforts, which have consistently exceeded the Group’s expectations. The Saudi team has experienced exponential growth, and 2024 is set to be the Group’s highest-achieving year yet. The latest KSA projects can be viewed here.

Andrew Mulligan General Manager

In conjunction with Ciaran’s announcement, Andrew Mulligan has been promoted to the role of General Manager for KSA. Andrew’s support for INC KSA alongside his collaborative efforts with Ciaran since 2022 has been instrumental in achieving company targets. Their cohesion and commitment to overcoming challenges have significantly contributed to the positive results that INC achieved in the region last year.

INC KSA has recently been shortlisted for two Commercial Interior Design Awards: ‘Interior Fit Out Firm of the Year’ and ‘Office Interior Design Project of the Year’. The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 13th of February.


Thuli Zulu Managing Director

Thuli, highly regarded and popular, has proven her commitment and dedication, surpassing the Group’s expectations in South Africa since the establishment of the organisation in Johannesburg three years ago.

Thuli has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in a diverse market, skillfully building an excellent team from the ground up. This team has successfully executed prestigious projects in Johannesburg and further afield in Cape Town, ensuring that the quality and standards of what has been delivered in both the UAE and KSA are upheld.


As previously announced in the November 2023 update, INC Group introduced its Wellness Committee this year, with its first event that took place on the 30th and 31st of January. The event agenda covered various topics, including but not limited to physical, mental, and financial well-being,  aligning with the Group’s commitment to strengthen social standards within the framework of ESG.  

As the Chief Human Capital Officer, Bronwyn is actively exploring EXP platforms for the Group to implement across all three markets. These platforms aim to foster camaraderie and inclusivity among employees. The platform will also reduce the number of internal communications sent via email, reducing distractions and busy inboxes.

Looking ahead to March 2024, all regional management will convene in the UAE for a round table to evaluate the discussed subjects and plan the next steps in the organisation’s growth journey. INC Group places great importance on its legacy and the value the company holds in the market. The company culture stands as a driving force behind its enduring success. Stay up to date with the latest INC Group news here.