Office Design Concepts with Employees in Mind

The importance of the end-user

At INC Group, we recognise the balance between form and functionality when it comes to commercial interior design. We believe that your space has the potential to seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

While first impressions are important for your clients, prioritising the enduring impact on your employees is equally essential. Commercial interior design embodies the art of transforming spaces into environments that not only reflect your brand essence but also serve their intended purpose effectively.

Ergonomic furniture, strategic layouts for high footfall areas, biophilic elements, and the understanding of colour psychology all contribute to enhancing the experience for the end user. Taking it a step further, INC Group has onboarded a Health and Wellbeing consultant. Their role is to help integrate architectural design principles with ancient and contemporary sciences, ensuring the physical environment resonates with the frequencies of nature. Achieving harmony by calculating the energy chart of your space plan, in alignment with the most beneficial environmental energy and life forces will improve the well-being, comfort, prosperity and happiness of your employees.

Multi-generational awareness

The importance placed on the end user leads us to the next critical consideration: the emergence of multi-generational offices. For the first time, commercial spaces are witnessing multiple generations working together under one roof. As of 2023, the workplace comprises five distinct generations: traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X (Gen X), millennials, and Generation Z (Gen Z). Each generation operates in its own unique manner, influenced by age and the subconscious conditions that they have experienced.

For instance, younger individuals tend to value collaborative environments, whereas baby boomers typically lean towards more private settings. To cater to diverse preferences and needs, hybrid workspaces are gaining popularity. They provide a balanced environment that integrates both focused areas such as work pods and cubicles with collaborative zones like co-working desks, and meeting rooms. This combination of spaces empowers individuals to feel more in control of their work environment, ultimately enhancing their comfort and productivity levels.

Evolution of commercial spaces

Gone are the days of rows of cubicles limiting employee interaction, accompanied by the clatter of typewriters and dial-a-phones echoing through the office (for a visual example of this, we recommend watching Mad Men). The rise of ‘resimercial’ design is undeniable, as many offices now embrace a homely or hotel-inspired aesthetic. While we appreciate the comfort and warmth it brings, we believe preserving a sense of corporate professionalism remains crucial in the workplace. Finding that equilibrium ensures that the workspace maintains the right atmosphere to foster employee productivity and cultivate a mature work environment.

The above-mentioned topics merely scratch the surface of the vast landscape of developments in commercial interior design that are beneficial to employees. Notably,  INC Africa’s Managing Director, Thuli Zulu, has been announced as a member of this year’s CoreNet Sub-Saharan African Networking Group (SSANG) board. This platform offers the opportunity to follow industry specialists in commercial real estate as they discuss the latest workplace trends.

Darren Taylor, Head of Accounts and Strategy at INC Group has been elected to join the advisory board at this year’s Workspace Exhibition. At this event, attendees can gain insight into the latest trends, including workplace technology, employee wellbeing, and the increasing focus on ESG commitments within the industry. Darren will be accompanied by a powerhouse of industry experts. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from  June 4th to 6th at Dubai World Trade Centre.